Progressive Penetration Testing

Real world scenarios mirrored to expose security risks before real attacks occur

Questions To Ask About Your Company


Do you know if your network security measures are managing what you need them to?


Are there vulnerabilities and cracks in your armor where an intruder can gain access?


What would be impacted if a cybercriminal were able to access critical data on your network?

The only way to answer these vital questions is through our Progressive Penetration Testing. Our experts will simulate an attack on your network, work as a black hat hacker would in order to make your business more resilient and stronger against these real world attacks. We will help you focus on the real issues of your security infrastructure and help you find solutions to resolve your security risks.

Progressive Penetration Testing Process


TSG will gather information through routine techniques and sources by way of interviews, social engineering, network surveillance, and data analysis. We will establish an attack plan customized for your business.

External Pen Test

Identify specific, accessible targets. Test those targets with our tools and techniques and find the existing vulnerabilities.

Internal Pen Test

Identify vulnerabilities on the internal network and DMZ from inside the firewall. Test the found vulnerabilities to gain access to critical business data.

Wireless Network

Identify and take advantage of unauthorized and authorized wireless access points that have fragile security controls and configurations.

Web Application Test

Identify security risks directed at internal and external web based accessible applications.

Social Engineering

Involves a variety of procedures to deceive employees and business associates into divulging critical business information such as account data that could be used to sabotage your enterprise's finances and reputation.

Penetration Testing


Our 10 Execution Steps For Penetration Testing


Our team of experts will join forces with you to deliberate the findings and recommendations.

  1. We will divulge the significant techniques used to ascertain all vulnerabilities.
  2. We will provide remediation recommendations for each and every point of concern we expose.
  3. We will make sure your team understands the importance of all remediation steps by putting the testing in context with all business impacts.
  4. We will let you know what damage can be done to your enterprise by an intruder taking advantage of an all-in-one devise still configured with the factory defaults. Can that attacker gain access to all company systems that contain sensitive client information? How would that cyber-attack affect the revenue? Think of the damage to your company's reputation, regulatory fines, and any all legal issues involved in the attack.
  5. We will team with you and ensure you have a map to good security safeguards upon the culmination of our penetration testing production.
Progressive Penetration Testing
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