Digital Forensics

Whether fraud or workplace transgressions, TSG will identify violations and uncover evidence

Your company's data is its most valuable asset. Protection of this critical information should be the greatest priority for your cyber security team. While your security team is busy with the entire perimeter, black hat hackers need only find one crack in your defenses to get to your businesses valuable assets. Data breaches can turn costly in a matter of minutes. TSG can handle breaches quickly to ensure the impact on your businesses reputation and finances is minimal and ensure continuity in your daily business production.


Digital Forensics

When an intruder finds their way over your security perimeter, it is vital to find the intruder, the point of entrance and the resources that have been affected. TSG will provide an large scale technical assessment of the incident make certain the intruder is gone, to determine what has happened, what data may have been accessed and secure your perimeter.


Above understanding how the security breach took place, our expert team follows meticulous procedures to analyze and preserve evidence. TSG provides security researchers and malware examiners that can reverse engineer the most complicated exploits.


Incident Management

TSG works hard for you and brings in the best resources and partners to assist you and ensure you have responded correctly and promptly. We will work effectively and quickly to contain the security incident and mitigate every issue the incident to keep your business up and running. Our experts will help your team maneuver through the threat and respond to the crippling effects of an attack.

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TSG was created to provide dependable review and recommendations to help your business fulfill all of the HIPAA electronic data requirements. We have nearly ninety years experience in privacy, auditing/accounting, and telecom compliance.

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