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TSG's team of experts works with all enterprises to conduct analysis of your company's security processes so you can understand your existing IT security technology and process controls. This framework is designed around the framework and approach found in NIST. We use the collected information to find the controls that are missing or lack the depth that your defenses need. Our experts will make recommendations for these controls to get you a solid base of security. These recommendations are made to provide you with the solutions to achieve healthy and well-armed IT security model.


Businesses can sometimes struggle to make sure the safeguards they have in place are properly applied to ensure the critical data is safe. We achieve these recommendations by reviewing your company's security policies and procedures, then interviewing selected members of your team, such as compliance officers or IT security directors. TSG will bring an understanding and experience of technologies you've devoted to secure your assets. From end to end review we can understand your configuration of the security management you've deployed and help you build a better security perimeter. This review will include security responsibilities, governance, security policies, cyber security controls, physical security controls and operations, cyber monitoring and remediation procedures.


As a product from this assessment, TSG will prepare a report to highlight fundamental findings and provide you with step by step recommendations for remediation.

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TSG was created to provide dependable review and recommendations to help your business fulfill all of the HIPAA electronic data requirements. We have nearly ninety years experience in privacy, auditing/accounting, and telecom compliance.

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